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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Uninor Mobile GPRS Settings 2011 for Nokia phones samsung lg iphone ......

Uninor Mobile GPRS Settings

Image via WikipediaUninor manual settings for Nokia phones
To access Uninor on your Uninor GPRS mobile phone, all you need to do is to activate Uninor and get the settings on your Uninor mobile phone.

Profile name: Uninor Gprs
Homepage URL: http://places.co.nr
Security: Non-secure
There is no charge for activating Uninor
Bearer: GPRS
Proxy address:
Username: ______
Password:< blank> ______
APN: uninor
uninor manual settings for SonyEricsson phones
Click on this link, select your handset model and the settings will be pushed to your phone.

To set up GPRS
a) Go to Menu > Connectivity > Data Communication > Data Accounts

b) Now choose New Account and select Account Type as GPRS data
c) Enter New Account as uninor
d) Then fill up the fields below:
APN: uninor
Username: ______
Password:< blank> ______
e) Click on Save
Once you´re done, go back to Connectivity and:

a) Select Internet Settings and go to Internet Profiles

b) Select New Profile and enter name: uninor Gprs

c) Connect using uninor

d) Save the settings and return to Internet Profiles

e) Now under uninor, select more and go to Settings

f) Now enter the following details:
Connect using: uninor
Internet Mode: http
Use proxy: Yes
Proxy address:
Port No.: 9401 or 8080
Username: _____
Password :_____
g) Once you have entered all the details, click on Save
h) Now go to advance settings from the more options again
i) Select Change Homepage option and enter the following details:
Name: Uninor
Address: http://places.co.nr
Now click on Save.
k) Go back to Internet Profiles and select Uninor

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